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  /  Sam De Brouwer

Sam De Brouwer

I am cofounder and chief Operating Officer at , a blockchain based AI platform that enables deep learning computations on quantified biology to develop personalized health insights and predictive models.
I cofounded Scanadu in 2011 where I served as VP of communications until mid 2016, a venture backed company developing consumer facing mobile medical devices with as first commercial product, the CE marked and FDA pending 1 minute urine test using a smart phone, machine learning and the cloud. I started my entrepreneurial career in the nineties by starting one of the first successful employment websites for the Benelux, Jobscape, which merged with eight similar sites to make up Stepstone, and went public on the London Stock Exchange. In 1996 I helped starting the European research lab Starlab that specialized in blue sky research research aka BANG (Bits, Atoms, Neurons and Genes) and produced generic patents that were later sold to Philips. It was my first experience with the MIT Medialab followed with the One Laptop Per Child Foundation where I served as Advocacy Director for the European branch of the foundation where I helped secure funding for the deployment of laptops and training for more than 50.000 kids in more than 10 countries including Rwanda, Paraguay, Peru, Nepal, Madagascar and Tanzania. I am an angel investor and a mentor to early stage entrepreneurs.
I am a member of TED and organized TEDxBrussels from 2009 until 2014 (hosted Steve Wozniak, Nicholas Negroponte, Dambisa Moyo, Tan Le, Sebastian Thrun…) I am organizing TEDxSanFrancisco since 2016.