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  /  Gurvinder Ahluwalia

Gurvinder Ahluwalia

Gurvinder Ahluwalia is Founder of Digital Twin Labs, a blockchain implementation consultancy and in stealth mode product and development. He is also co-founder of a funded startup in stealth stage for ICO of Blockchain & IoT protocol.  Previously, Guri was a CTO at IBM for Blockchain, Cloud, and IoT.  He has stewarded open source communities and industry through our recent eras and reordering triggered by tech. Some outcomes of his contributions include: first blockchain use case natively on IoT shared with the industry as IBM’s paper Device Democracy cited by Economist et al media and IoT hack called ADEPT implemented on early Ethereum; first production and MVP, separately for start-up and enterprise clients, of global diamond supply on blockchain; seminal launch of first ever tablet based on embedded Linux by a US OEM; and second largest deployment of packet-based network in private sector world at the dawn of TCP/IP – the peer-to-peer original gangster.

Currently, Guri is working with start-up and enterprise clients to co-create and deploy business models motivated by and implemented on blockchain, combine crypto-assets with business use cases like supply chain, and in architect token-based ventures.

Gurvinder is a frequent speaker at events, including – Davos, The Fed, Google, MIT, Stanford, World Crypto Economic Forum, Institute for the Future, Berkeley, NIST, Samsung, ARM, W3C. Guri is an alumnus of the IBM Academy of Technology. Follow more on Twitter: @guriahluwalia