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  /  Eric Ly

Eric Ly

I am passionate about combining innovative products, technologies and business models to create highly successful companies. has been my passion for the last couple years, which has been to create consumer Internet products that have wide appeal to everyday users.

Prior to that, I was a co-founder at LinkedIn, where I served as its founding CTO. I worked with a talented team to enable professionals to connect in fundamentally better ways with each other online. (Since you’re on this site, you know the rest!) Not only did I create some core components of the service, I also led the desktop product team to create several successful desktop products that bring the value of LinkedIn closer to users’ everyday. I helped the company achieve a rapidly-growing user base and profitability.

I am an experienced entrepreneur who has seen a lot about what succeeds and what doesn’t, and cares a lot about building great companies. There are a lot of important ingredients. You can ask me what they are if you’re curious.