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  /  Bruce Graham

Bruce Graham

Working alongside entrepreneurs to build valuable enabling-technology startups is what I do. Twenty positive liquidities to-date, and counting.

Since 1991 an early stage VC, co-founder, angel, board member — sniffing out opportunities, building, alongside entrepreneurs, enabling technology startups. Current projects include Otosense, Cellink, Brisbane Materials, Upguard, Qvivr/Swyp, Pavilion Data Systems. Selected exits: QuickLogic (QUIK), Lightlogic (INTC), QuickTurn (CDN), Proxim (PROX), SCM Microsystems (SCMM –‚Äč> INVE), Element-14 (BRCM), Quantum Effect Devices (PMCS), Resonext (RFMD), Obsidian (AMAT), Smart Machines (BRKS), Premisys Communication (PRMS), Fulcrum Micro (INTC), Coral Systems (LTBG), Summit Micro (QCOM), Flarion (QCOM), Morphics (IFX), Newport Communication (BRCM), Genoa (FNSR), Worldtalk (TMWD).

Before that, 1980’s developing technologies & shipping products with Intel and Siemens.